A part of my ongoing research is devoted to exploring trends in the production and circulation of  tadhkiras (biographical anthologies) of Persian poets produced across the Persianate world from 1200-1900. Increasingly, I have used digital mapping and quantitative analysis to better understand how these trends have shifted across space and time. 

My first article on the subject was published in the International Journal of Middle East Studies. Below are some maps associated with that article, as well as a time-lapse video of tadhkira production. These maps are based on my own data-set of nearly 200 tadhkiras that have a reliable date and place of production.

Video of Tadhkira Production, 1200-1900

Tadhkira Production in the 18th Century

Tadhkira, Persianate World, poetry, Persian

Tadhkira Production in the 19th Century

Tadhkira, Persianate World, Persian, poetry