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Remapping Persian Literary History, 1700-1900 (Edinburgh University Press, 2020).

Journal Articles


“'Citizen Martyrs': The Fatemiyoun Brigade in Iran, Afghanistan 5.1 (2022): 93-121.

“Re-Staging American Triumph as American Carnage,” Visual Studies (2022): 1-2, with Olmo Gölz. 

"Visual Propaganda at a Crossroads: New Techniques at Iran's Vali Asr Billboard," Visual Studies 36.3-5 (2021): 476-490, with Olmo Gölz. 

“A Transregional Persianate Library: The Production and Circulation of Tadhkiras of Poets in the 18th and 19th Centuries," International Journal of Middle East Studies, 52.1 (2020), pp. 109-135.

“The Curious Case of Carnatic: The Last Nawâb of Arcot (d. 1855) and Persian Literary Culture,” The Indian Economic & Social History Review, 53.4 (2016), pp. 533-560.

“The Local Lives of a Transregional Poet: ‘Abd al-Qâdir Bîdil and the Writing of Persianate Literary History,” Journal of Persianate Studies 9 (2016), pp. 83-106.

"Rising in the Gulf: How China's Energy Demands are Transforming the Middle East," Al Nakhlah Fletcher School Journal on Southwest Asia and Islamic Civilization, Spring 2007, with John Douglas and Matthew Nelson.

Online Media

"Iran Protests: What the Islamic Republic's Propaganda Tells Us,"  Qantara, 26 April 2023, with Olmo Gölz.

"Balancing Ideology and Responsibility in Iran's Battle Against COVID-19," MERIP, 2 March 2022, with Olmo Gölz.

"Going to War with the Coronavirus and Maintaining the State of Resistance in Iran," MERIP, 1 Sept 2020, with Olmo Gölz.

"The Mural Merry-Go-Round: The Vali Asr Billboard and Propaganda in Iran," Jadalliya, 14 May 2020, with Olmo Golz.


Fueling the Dragon’s Flame: How China’s Energy Demands Affect its Relationship with the Middle East. September 14, 2006, with John Douglas and Matthew Nelson.

Prepared for the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission 





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